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Random musings

- I had a total fail moment at the gym yesterday. My trainer moved the smith bar to the highest position and told me to jump and grab the bar, hold myself up, and slowly lower. Ha, right. I felt like an idiot being completely incapable of doing something, so now my stubborn self needs to figure out how to do them.

- I hate vegetables.  Not all of them, but a lot of them.  Which is why it’s a damn miracle that I ate nearly a whole zucchini tonight with dinner.

- I’m questioning if it’s possible to improve my running with the heavy lifting program that I’m doing.  I lift three days a week, and run three days a week.  My legs are in a constant state of fatigue.

- I’m really proud of everyone that ran Chicago last weekend.  Especially since I’m thinking of ditching the half I was going to run in September.  See the item above.

- I saw some pictures from the dirty dash race and instantly got down on myself.  Despite being stronger than nearly all the other girls who ran my heat, I still have rolls - which are prominently displayed in wet, muddy, clothing.  I still hate my body.  I’m still not happy.   

- This has led me to seriously consider having a tummy tuck.  My weight is still “high”, but my body fat percentage is squarely in the healthy range, so I truly do have a lot of muscle mass.  I fear the issues with my stomach will never go away without surgery, yet surgery scares the hell out of me.

- Now I feel like a Debbie Downer!  

  1. jessaetcetera said: I’m with you about vegetables. I don’t hate most of them, but I never WANT to eat them. Except maybe salads. It’s terrible.
  2. keepingupwithmcjones said: Ditto on the tummy tuck. Mine wasn’t great pre kids, but it’s all saggy and mommish now. I’m going to give myself a couple years to see if hard work can fix it and if not, I need to find a husband with more money.
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